Define your MPS and adapt your organisation. Visualize easily the impact of your hypothesis to take the relevant decisions and increase the utilization rate or service rate of your plant.

Simulate easily

Projection of the adequation between load and capacity

people x machine



Anticipate the evolution of your needs

Visualize, anticipate and forecast the evolution of your production plan at all levels.

Load capacity simulation

Bottleneck identification

Ressource utilisation

Stock projection

Easily assign your teams

Assign operators to different machines to optimize resource allocation. Communicate a clear assignment schedule between teams.

Worker assignement

People event management

Machine event management

Planning visualization

Easy arbitration between hypothesis

Play with parameters on each machine, define easily the hypothesis and collaborate on the decisions to be taken.

Intuitive interface

Quantified hypothesis

Collaboration between different functions

Quantified impact for clear arbitrations

Boost the profitability of your operations

Use a planning 4.0 solution

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Planning 4.0 solution to enhance the profitability of industrial sites.

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