Monitor level of ongoing production at each work center, warn in case of unexpected events and organise your production with simple prioritization rules

In a flash analysis
of on-going

Straightforward communications of priorities and unexpected events

Optimised queue management

Monitor on-going production

Visualise on-going production level and quickly act
regarding impeding situations

On-going level for each work station

Easy identification of bottlenecks

Follow completed and blocked operations

Communicate on
each operation

Display a straightforward queue in front of each work center and highlight problems

Automated queue management at each work center

Display of estimated completion time

Unexpected events identification

Prioritize backlog in front of each work center

Modify priority with simple rules for each work center

Operation delay

Estimated final work order delay

Generated turnover

... and other simple rules you used by your teams

Boost the profitability of your operations

Use a 4.0 planning solution

4.0 planning solution to enhance profitability of industrial sites.

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